Starting a T shirt business has never been easier.

 We created a process that let’s you focus on the fun stuff. You don’t pay for products until they’re sold, printed, and shipped. Just create your designs, sell your products, and we’ll handle the rest!



What is Garment Deli™?

Simply put, Garment Deli™ is our award-winning software that combines an e-commerce website with comprehensive printing & distribution services. After we set-up your website, you customize it and submit new designs to our art department.  Your products and their respective high-resolution images “magically” appear in your store!  Even better, your website also connects to our fulfillment department, so you never need to worry about order processing. We print & ship everything automatically.

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What does the customer see?

Garment Deli™ presents a conventional consumer work flow.  Your customer chooses a design and the style on which it will be printed.  Then they select the color, size & quantity, and Garment Deli™ automatically displays an image of the design/style/color combination.  When ready, the customer adds the product to the shopping cart, completes the transaction, and receives an email confirmation.  Once the order is fulfilled, the customer receives a shipping notice with tracking information. Contact us to see some example Garment Deli™ sites!



Read what one of our clients had to say about Garment Deli™

“Garment Deli enabled me to easily customize my own website without any HTML knowledge, and my orders are automatically fulfilled from start to finish. Customers order from my website, their payment is collected, their shirts are printed (with excellent quality), hang tags are attached and the shirts are packaged and shipped to my customers without me doing anything! This allows me time to focus on creating new designs and marketing my shirts. Along with the ease of using Garment Deli, the support staff is exceptional. It’s so wonderful to talk to knowledgeable and friendly people who understand the true meaning of customer service! Thank you GAFY team for allowing me to make my dream a reality.”
Tracy Stephens - OWNER, iMA Baby Brand


We can save you tons of money!


Look how much is included!

Here is everything you get with our combined software

  • <b>Over 100 Garment Styles</b>

    Over 100 Garment Styles

    Choose to print your designs on a wide variety of garment brands & styles without the requirement to maintain inventory.

  • <b>Unlimited Shirt Designs</b>

    Unlimited Shirt Designs

    Create unlimited designs, and offer them on any of your garments. More products means more sales—without the risk.

  • <b>Automatic Product Images</b>

    Automatic Product Images

    High-resolution product images are automatically added to your website. YOU choose which combinations to offer for sale.

  • <b>Printing & Shipping</b>

    Printing & Shipping

    We handle the fulfillment tasks! We print your designs and ship the final product to your customer--all with your branding.

  • <b>Profit Margin Settings</b>

    Profit Margin Settings

    You control product pricing. On average, our clients earn $8-$11 profit per garment! Adjust and optimize as you see fit.

  • <b>Super-Secure Transactions</b>

    Super-Secure Transactions

    Never worry about payment processing. All transactions are secure and backed by our trustworthy merchant services.

  • <b>Easy Website Customization</b>

    Easy Website Customization

    Get the perfect look for your new website. Change the background & color scheme, upload images, and customize with CSS.

  • <b>Multiple Domain Options</b>

    Multiple Domain Options

    Depending on your preference and budget, choose from two different domain options: or

  • <b>Training Videos Available</b>

    Training Videos Available

    Learn how to create the look and feel you want by simply watching a variety of our online training videos.

I am an artist and have a small following on Instagram. Garment Deli made it possible for me to offer my prints on an assortment of garments. They do all the ordering, printing and shipping, I just design and promote.
M Cotie Art
M Cotie Art
Mitch Cotie, OWNER
As an established business owner, I'm always looking for more revenue opportunities. Garment Deli has allowed me to offer an ecommerce solution to dozen's of my existing clients, bringing in more money for both my company AND my clients by selling printed apparel online.
Community Spiritwear
Community Spiritwear
Michael Richman, OWNER
As an entrepreneur at heart, I always wanted to start my own business. With Garment Deli, I was able to launch a shirt shop with very little money. Now my dream is a reality and I'm collecting profits every month!
Lizzard Fashion
Lizzard Fashion
Liz O'Day, OWNER

Make 3-7 times more at Garment Deli™


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Getting started is easy as…

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What’s the catch?

Simply put, there is no catch.  We’re here to help you build a business, not just sell t-shirts as a hobby, so we created a solution that helps you do it with VERY little investment.  Your small setup fee gets you an amazing website that handles everything from product creation, to payment collection, to printing & distribution.  We simply subtract the fulfillment costs from the collected revenue, and pay you the profits.  And since you set your own profit margin, YOU control how much money you make!

We have the perfect website package for you

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  • $15/month hosting fee
  • Shared SSL Management
  • Medium-level SEO
  • Beginner site owners
  • Includes fulfillment


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  • $30/month hosting fee
  • Dedicated SSL Management
  • High-level SEO
  • Intermediate site owners
  • Includes fulfillment

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